CBD Option

CBD Options

Cannabis product options can be overwhelming! Did you know it can
come in all these forms: topicals, edibles, smokables, transdermal,
sublingual, vaporizers, suppositories, pills, water, food, and more! Below,
learn how quickly some of the most popular product options are absorbed
in your body!
Inhalation (Smoking, Vaping): 2-15 minutes onset/ 2-4 hour duration. This is typically a “quick in, quick out ” effect.
Ingestion (Edibles,Food,Capsules,Tincture Food/Drink Additive): 30 minute onset/ 6-8 hour duration. This method requires swallowing the product, which is metabolized by the liver, similar to medication pills.
Sublingual (Oil,Oil BasedTincture,Strips,Tablets,Sprays): 15-30 minute onset/ 2-4 hour duration. Absorbed under the tongue or oral cavity for absorption into the bloodstream for a systemic effect into the whole body.
Suppositories: 10-45 minutes onset/ 4-8 hour duration. Suppositories dissolve in the body and can treat the local area, or the medicine may travel to other parts of the body through the bloodstream.
Topical (Creams,Salves,Oils,Sprays): 15-30 minute onset/ 2-4 hour duration. This is a localized effect that may support overworked muscles and joints in a particular area of the body.
Transdermal (Patches, Gels): 15-30 minute onset/4-hour duration gels, 8+ hour duration patches. This method is absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream without involving mucous membranes. Read More Here! 





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