BIOScanSRT (Stress Reduction Testing)

BIOSCAN SRT (Stress Reduction Testing)

Questions About BioScan

The FDA cleared BioScan SRT combines the disciplines of Acupuncture, Biofeedback, and Homeopathy. A computerized scan is performed to record the reaction of your body to various stressors. The BioScan proprietary database stores over 80,000 stressors that can be scanned by a certified practitioner. 

The scanning process is non-invasive. The practitioner uses the scanned data to evaluate whether certain stressors present a problem in the body. Using the data gathered by BioScan, your practitioner can create a personalized plan to help balance the body. *The BioScan does not diagnose, treat or cure diseases.

Stress in humans can result from a number of things: interactions between people, environmental conditions or contaminants, and emotional situations or interactions which are perceived by the body as straining or exceeding the adaptive capacities or threatening the well-being of the body. 

A stressor is any biological, chemical, emotional, or physical substance or factor that can cause the body to have a “strained” or “inappropriate” response to the particular stressor which can lead to temporary or permanent harm. 

Depending on the complexity or severity that we identify, supplements or additional scans with rebalancing may be recommended. It is not uncommon to see improvement following the first 1 or 2 scans. The practitioner will analyze the reports after the first scan, and discuss your health goals that are realistic and achievable.

It is safe for all ages! However, we cannot scan those that are pregnant or those with any electrical device implanted in the body.

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BioScan SRT is a safe, painless, and non-invasive technology which combines the disciplines of acupuncture, biofeedback, and homeopathy to help the body begin healing and return to a balanced state.
~To submit DNA samples (hair, nail, cheek swab) for a remote/distance scan go to: REMOTE BIOSCAN PREPAY PAGE

Print out and fill out health & pre-scan instructions before your appointment. 
Health Intake Form PDF
Pre-scan Instructions PDF
Remote Follow-up Form PD