Pine Hill Farm Tranquility

Pine Hill Farm Tranquility Line = Stress Reliever

Welcome back to school! This time of year, you and your kids might feel overwhelmed. If you’re like our households, it’s always a struggle the first few weeks of school as we get back into a routine. Some things that we have found work well for us:

Packing lunches the night before
Laying out clothes the night before
Enforcing bedtimes

Using our Tranquility line of products before bed and throughout the day to ease anxiety (adult and kid-friendly)
Tranquility balm: great to rub on feet and shoulders right before bed.
Tranquility pillow mist: spritz around the bedroom at nighttime.
Tranquility essential oil roller: great for throwing in a bag for on-the-go stress relief.
Tranquility candle: natural fragrance candle to promote calm throughout the house.

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